Increase the access of small-scale industrial and other enterprises, in particular in developing countries, to financial services, including affordable credit, and their integration into value chains and markets.

CSO data

Claim: Achieving

9.3.1 The total value added in industry in 2019 was €112.1 bn. The vast bulk (86.5%) of this value added was in enterprises with 250 or more employees. Small-scale industries (less than 250 employees) accounted for around 13.5% of value added in manufacturing in 2019. Enterprises with 50-249 employees accounted for 8.3% of value added.

9.3.2 SME credit demand remained low compared to previous years (20% of SMEs applied over April to September 2019). SMEs did not apply for credit mainly due to sufficient funds but some report aversion to debt.

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