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Budget for
the SDGs ______

Currently Ireland’s SDGs ministry is housed in the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications. In order to demonstrate the political ambition required for SDG achievement, the Department of the Taoiseach should have overall responsibility for SDG oversight and implementation.

In particular, we call on the Government to:

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Tag all national budget lines and reports to specific SDG targets.

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Create a 10 year policy programme on the funding and implementation of the SDGs, signed by all political parties both in Government and in opposition to ensure long-term commitment. This should include a review and re-commitment after 5 years.

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Invest at least €15 million in the 2024 Budget towards SDG disaggregated data collection, ensuring both the CSO8 and IHREC9 are sufficiently resourced to monitor national SDG progress.

SDG-proof all plans and policies

Coalition 2030 recommends all future financial and policy commitments in Ireland include mandatory SDG conditions to ensure progress across all sectors in Irish society, and enable Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development. This would ensure that any new measures are aligned with the Goals. Such a commitment would also help the State avoid a situation whereby the policies of one government department undermine a Goal in another part of government. Alignment with the SDGs should be the driving objective of State policy from this point forward.

We call on the Government to:

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Create a national SDG Policy Impact Measurement Framework. This should include set criteria for all future regional and national policy in relation to the implementation and reporting of the SDGs.

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Guide local authorities on how to embed the SDGs in city and county plans.

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Enable the PPNs,LENs, ETBs and communities to be true partners in policy design and SDGs implementation.

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    Lead from the top

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    Budget for the SDGs

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    Measure what matters

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    Establish a Future Generations Commissioner

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    SDG Proof all Plans and Policies

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