Advocacy ________

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A very significant part of Coalition 2030’s work is to advocate for improved governance, financing and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. As part of this, we develop reports, policy proposals, and submissions, and advocate for our policy recommendations with elected officials directly, via letters, meetings and phone calls.

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Sustainable ____
Development Goals
____ Toolkit

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    Lead from the top by strengthening SDG governance

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    Budget for the SDGs

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    Measure what matters and value what counts

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  • Group 8884

    Establish a Future Generations Commissioner

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    SDG-proof policy at national and local levels

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How We Campaign ______

Political Engagements

We communicate with departmental and party officials, as well as elected representatives, through letters, phone calls, and occasional in-person meetings.

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Oireachtas Committees

Oireachtas Committees shadow government departments, and as such have an important role in the effective monitoring and oversight of SDG implementation and policy coherence.

On July 30th 2020, a motion was approved that sets out that each select Committee must address ‘progress on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ as part of its work programme. We campaign for Ministers, Departments, and public bodies to provide information on progress on relevant SDG targets as well as their plans to meet said targets when presenting to Oireachtas Committees, and for the Committees to report annually on their department’s SDG progress.

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Na hArd-Fheiseanna

Ard fheis or ardfheis is the name used by many Irish political parties for their annual party conference. Coalition 2030 attends these conferences when it is possible in order to explain our campaign asks to TDs, Senators, Councillors, and MEPs.

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Advocacy Documents

  • Press Releases

    PRESS RELEASE: Budget 2024 Response: ‘One-off measures just a sticking-plaster on a deep wound’




  • Press Releases

    PRESS RELEASE: At turning point for sustainable development, Taoiseach’s statements at UN don’t match Ireland’s actions at home – Coalition 2030




  • Press Releases

    PRESS RELEASE: Weak commitments at the SDG Summit risk jeopardising Ireland’s credibility – Coalition 2030




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