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Pre Budget Submissions 2025

Coalition 2030’s pre-budget submissions are vital for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Ireland. By aligning national fiscal policies with the 2030 Agenda, we address key issues like climate action, social equality, and economic sustainability.

Below you can find submissions from some of our member groups, developed in collaboration with diverse stakeholders to ensure our recommendations meet the needs and aspirations of all sectors of society.




Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO)

he INTO’s pre-budget submission was formally launched at our annual national lobby day in Dublin on Wednesday 12 June. INTO activists from every Dáil constituency met their elected representatives to seek political support for INTO’s campaign to make primary education a high priority for government on budget day. Nearly 90 TDs and Senators attended the launch.

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The submission advocates for three strategic objectives that aim to address significant challenges in primary and special education.

#1 – Invest in smaller class sizes
The INTO is advocating for a two-point reduction of average class sizes in all primary schools in the forthcoming budget.

#2 Strengthen school leadership
The INTO is calling for the full reinstatement of the 1,700 assistant principal roles that have been unavailable to primary and special schools since the austerity period.

#3 – Increase school funding
The INTO is urging a 20% increase in two of the core grants paid annually to primary and special schools, the capitation and minor works grants together with a substantial increase to the ancillary services grant.

These three initiatives come at a critical juncture, as we navigate through a cost of living and housing crisis, face a drain of our talented teachers to overseas destinations and grapple with worrying recruitment and retention challenges within our educational system. The frustrations are palpable among educators, struggling to deliver the curriculum in the EU’s largest class sizes. The inadequate supports and lack of leadership opportunities which are essential for nurturing a rewarding lifelong career in education are key contributory factors to Ireland’s acute teacher shortages.

Our detailed proposal requests a modest yet significant increase in funding of primary education by €87.5 million annually. This investment is not just a fiscal measure but would pave a meaningful step towards securing the future of our nation’s primary education system. All members of the INTO and of their wider school communities are encouraged to support this critical campaign to make primary education a high priority for government in budget 2025.

World Vision

World Vision Ireland Recommendations:

1) Commit to achieving 0.7% of GNI on overseas ODA by 2030 with €292m in Budget 2025, which is distinct from in county costs, and publish a pathway to achieving 0.7%.

2) A minimum of a 10% increase in child-related ODA investment which has the potential to double the impact of current funding. More funding is essential to adequately address the threats children face and ensure long-term sustainable solutions.

As we prioritise leaving no one behind, it is essential that we see children as among those most likely to be left behind. We urge the Irish Government to prioritise child-focused investment and use a child lens across the entire Budget 2025.

3) To meet the largest global hunger crisis of modern history and counteract the devastating fall in global funding for humanitarian emergencies and development programmes, we must prioritise nutrition focused funding. At the same time, integrating child nutrition sensitive approaches in policies, funding and regulations affecting all hunger and nutrition related goods,
programmes and services to ensure that our funding is as effective and efficient
as possible.

4) Prioritise the implementation of the COP 28 Emirates Declaration on Resilient Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Action and call for the
provision of additional climate finance to enable developing countries to implement their nationally determined contributions and build resilience.

5) Dramatically increase the spending commitment to our climate finance goals to €500 million per year which is essential if we are to deliver our fair share of our
global target.


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Social Justice Ireland

Independent Living Movement Ireland


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