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Dec 2022 – We are hiring an external consultant!

Please send your application to

Coalition 2030 is seeking an experienced consultant to work with Coalition 2030 members and staff in order to carry out a piece of work as part of the Voluntary National Review process of the SDGs. Full details here.

Coalition 2030 will contribute a Chapter to the official Irish Voluntary National Review. The Review will be presented to the UN by the Irish Government at the High Level Political Forum in July 2023.

The role of this consultant will be to work with the Coalition 2030 Coordinator to develop this Chapter. This will involve liaising with Coalition 2030 members, especially the pillar representatives on the Steering Committee. The structure of the resulting document should reflect the four pillars of Coalition 2030; International Development, Domestic Anti-Poverty and Equality, Environmental, and Trade Union.

Additionally, the consultant will develop a longer and more comprehensive piece which will act as a key tool for Coalition 2030 in its engagement with political representatives. This piece will expand upon the official Chapter and its structure should also reflect the four pillars. However, cross-cutting themes should be made explicit, as well as issues pertinent to the achievement of the SDGs that are relevant to all pillars (e.g. data, finance).

Finally, the successful candidate will have an important role in ensuring dissemination and understanding of the final report. This will involve presentation at a launch event with policy-makers, as well as a contribution to an online webinar for the public and Coalition 2030 members.

Deadline midnight January 8th, 2023 with interviews taking place January 11th and 12th.

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