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Climate Change and Disability: A Global Action Plan Briefing Paper

A survey among people working on climate and disability issues found widespread consensus that climate debate and policies to date have not adequately considered the needs and views of people with disabilities. 

The finding is included in a study carried out by Global Action Plan

The briefing paper published today shines a light on the often neglected effects of climate change on people with disabilities and emphasises the pressing need for greater inclusivity in climate policy decision-making.

Much of the debate in Ireland has focused on how climate change is going to affect our weather and our economy. In contrast, this study highlights the need to look beyond the extreme weather events and acknowledge that people with disabilities are disproportionately vulnerable to the secondary impacts of climate change: rising food prices, rising cost of insurance and increased pressure on health services, to name but a few.

This GAP briefing paper is a reminder that people with disabilities encounter unique challenges and barriers, and that they are set to worsen as a result of climate change. For that reason, it is imperative that we listen to the voices of people with disabilities and include their experiences in policy making processes. Inclusivity must be at the heart of climate action. 

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